The Miracle of Essential Oils is an “essential” resource for anyone dealing with physical, emotional and spiritual trauma. Learning news ways to take charge of your wellness (because you’re the only one who can) will get you on the path to a brighter, stronger future for you and your loved ones!

Honorably discharged Army sergeant Jason Sapp, MATS and Ryan Watson, M.Ed. (director and founder of the Watson Psychological Health Center), wrote The Miracle of Essential Oils to show you how to harness the power of botanicals to overcome physical and psychological traumas hindering you from having a quality life.

Jason shares his story about how Western medicine almost ended his life after returning from the war in Iraq with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). And how essential oils helped him regain control over his well-being once he realized how powerful they were.

Ryan’s workbook shows you how to shift a negative mindset to positive through neuroscience, tapping, meditation/affirmations, biofeedback and other techniques.

Together they share how to reframe outdated traditional methods to more holistic approaches to essential oils, a well-balanced diet and supplementation to achieve a stronger mind, body and spirit.

The Miracle of Essential Oils

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We are excited for Ryan's upcoming book to continue to share amazing ways to bring natural, holistic wellness into the lives of many!

Ryan's Next Book

We are excited for Jason's next book that will focus on helping and inspiring veterans and their families to overcome the hardships of military life with a focus on finding freedom from the stresses and traumas of war. This book will also be a great tool for police, fire, and emergency medical that experience traumas similar to those in the military.

Jason's Next Book


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