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Join Ryan Watson M.Ed. of Watson Psychological Health Center and former Army sergeant and Iraq war combat veteran Jason Sapp, MATS as they discuss finding freedom from the struggle of emotional trauma from past events. Ryan will teach on the power of essential oils and practical steps to walk you through your trauma. Jason will share some of his combat experiences as well as how the emotional traumas from the war impacted his life. Jason will also teach on the basics of trauma and how it can affect every aspect of your life, plus how essential oils can be used to facilitate your journey to emotional wellness. Learn more about their new book The Miracle of Essential Oils and how it can be a tool to bring hope from trauma for you and your loved ones. Where there is trauma, there is hope!




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Individually, and together, Jason and Ryan have created presentations on holistic wellness, creating a well-balanced diet, and using supplementation's such as essential oils to achieve a better balanced lifestyle.


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Ryan & Jason introduce The Miracle of Essential Oils and share how it can be used to begin your journey to vercoming your past trauma.

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